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Sunday, 6 December 2009



My names Radiah, I'm 16 & currently Living in London ♥
I started this blog because I was bored and feeling random; I sort of got inspired by reading and following other peoples blogs :)
I'm guessing that my blog is gonna be a reflection of my personality and stuff I randomly notice.
I'm Pakistani Jamaican and syrian and Alhumduillah Im muslim :)

BTW I'm new to this Soooo slowly slowly things will be up and running (proper postsb& Pics)

Tc x


  1. :D welcome to the blogging world... i envy u londoners... keep me updated on edware road! id rather live there as a homeless person for the rest of my life then be up here in the north! :D x x x

  2. Thank you :)
    LOL I was there the other day I <3 the atmosphere
    I miss up north easpecially Birms I haven't seen my family there in a while :(
    What part of north are you from? xx