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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


It's officially back on our screens in the UK. :D and sofar this series it starting to seem like it will be better then the last. I don't wanna say anymore because I know I won't be able to stop x

Monday, 25 January 2010

Guess what....

I have an Identical Twin Sister called Rabiah (hehe were Rabiah and Radiah < My dads way of confusing everyone that has ever known us). Although we look the same we are COMPLETELY different in things like personality etc., the biggest difference is that I wear Hijab and she doesn't :'(.

It's funny because around college people used to think that we were the same person that changed what they were wearing every lesson of the day because they couldn't decided if they wanted to wear the hijab or because they were possibly forced to wear it and took it of when they came to college :| all I can say about the last on is WOW LMAO
LOL I remeber when I said Hi to a bunch of Rabiah's friends and one of them shouted out "SHE WASN'T WEARING THAT EARLIER???" ; ,and I burst out laughing and said "I'm her twin" and left her with a confused look on her face (I was still laughing  about it on the train home)

Sometimes I get annoyed and  upset because I wish my sister would wear it too; I constantly pray for Allah SWT to give hadiyat/guidance
IMAGINE that, twin Hijabies we could even  blog together *Sigh* insh'ALLAH?!!?!!

Mmmmm Henna :)

Right now I'm doing some henna on my hands; I just LURVEE the stuff!
My two favourite patterns types are Asian and 5aleeji, the designs can go from really simple to intricate and Highly detailed.
For me Henna counts as an acessory and I like to always have it on; I guess it's almost like a form of jewelery.
Here a some pictures I got off google (When I get my new digital camera I'll post some pictures of my designs Insh'ALLAH)

Alhumdulillah I have 3 sisters LOL because I always get to practice and make their hands look Lovely in the process  :)
Ohh and Glitter Henna is a beautiful way to add that lil' something to your designs (you have to apply it thinly and evenly other wise it will take forever to dry).

Thursday, 21 January 2010


After seeing this ^Picture^ I've decided that I have to buy some YSL Lipstick and Lipgloss it just look amazing; Selfridges here I come!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Asalaam Alaikum.
This is  a report on the situation in Jerusalem; and the fight for the holy sity. In the 30min programe you see how palestinians families are being evictied in the middle of the night with no warning and forced out of their homes; in one eviction 100 people were put out of the streets with no where to go. This is happening the the eastern part of jerusalem which is a prodominant 3rab area, and the 'Israelis' claim that jerusalem should never be divided whereas the palestinians claim rightfully that the east side of the city is theirs and is the capital of a new state. It is wrong forthe 'Israelis' to try and forcefully 'ethnicly cleanse' on half a city!
All I can say is FREE FALASTEEN!! (This would of never happend if the kilafah still existed and thus I depise lawernce of arabia.) Please watch and spead
 "A WALK IN THE PARK" REPORT ON THE CURRENT STATE OF JERUSALEM http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00pznkh/Panorama_A_Walk_in_the_Park/
Walaikum Asalaam

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

"MASHALLAH 7ELWA 7BIBI!!"... ermmm no :|

By saying "Mashallah" these muslim MEN are contradicting theselves uff!
It is not nice when a young muslimah can't even walk down the street without having comments shouted out ; common the I even when the girls wearing an Abaya WTF? and also shouting out "I NEED TO GET MARRIED!" WILL NOT GET YOU A WIFE! I am certain of that
sorry guy I just had to have a little rant couldn't resist hehe :)  here is an image I found and then here is how I edited it to fit my post LOL x

Thursday, 7 January 2010


EVERYONE :) This is Kishmish (किशमिश/کشمش)  My little Kitter Her name means Raisin LOL
She is my little baby :D