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Monday, 25 January 2010

Guess what....

I have an Identical Twin Sister called Rabiah (hehe were Rabiah and Radiah < My dads way of confusing everyone that has ever known us). Although we look the same we are COMPLETELY different in things like personality etc., the biggest difference is that I wear Hijab and she doesn't :'(.

It's funny because around college people used to think that we were the same person that changed what they were wearing every lesson of the day because they couldn't decided if they wanted to wear the hijab or because they were possibly forced to wear it and took it of when they came to college :| all I can say about the last on is WOW LMAO
LOL I remeber when I said Hi to a bunch of Rabiah's friends and one of them shouted out "SHE WASN'T WEARING THAT EARLIER???" ; ,and I burst out laughing and said "I'm her twin" and left her with a confused look on her face (I was still laughing  about it on the train home)

Sometimes I get annoyed and  upset because I wish my sister would wear it too; I constantly pray for Allah SWT to give hadiyat/guidance
IMAGINE that, twin Hijabies we could even  blog together *Sigh* insh'ALLAH?!!?!!


  1. omg ur a twin!!!....I have a twinny as well :D!!! but were not identical and we dnt really luk nething alike and were completely opposite in personality (am the shy one and shes the crazy loud twin) sooooo were actually very untwin like looool xx

  2. woah. TWIN SISTER!! thats soo kool. ure soo luky. n identical as well. yes inshallah Allah will guide her on the straight path as well. AMEEN.

  3. wowww your so lucky mashallah! i'd LOVE to have twin !! InshAllah she'll wear hijab soon when she realises how happy it makes you (:

  4. May Allah give your sis and us all guidance. Ameen.

    this reminds me; i've always wanted a twin. me and my sister (who is 2 years older than me) used to go to each other's classes to hang out with our friends. Our teachers never found out!

    weird thing is, we aren't twins; we are sisters, yes, but we look NOTHING a like. I'm short and round and she is tall and skinny. I think it's the hijab that makes ppl think we look alike.

  5. MashAllah
    and Allahuakbar
    really weird how things are man
    really amazing
    please pray for me

  6. Ameen.
    Lol MashAllah
    Thanks guys InshAllah sometime soon she'll wear it :)

    L: Awww lol that soo cute I'm the more outgoing one lol
    M: LOL awwwww thats sweet <3
    R. I'll pray for you inshallah

  7. lol funny story. May Allah swt guide us all. Ameen. My dad was a twin and it was quite amusing when people used to get confused with my dad and uncle.