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Monday, 25 January 2010

Mmmmm Henna :)

Right now I'm doing some henna on my hands; I just LURVEE the stuff!
My two favourite patterns types are Asian and 5aleeji, the designs can go from really simple to intricate and Highly detailed.
For me Henna counts as an acessory and I like to always have it on; I guess it's almost like a form of jewelery.
Here a some pictures I got off google (When I get my new digital camera I'll post some pictures of my designs Insh'ALLAH)

Alhumdulillah I have 3 sisters LOL because I always get to practice and make their hands look Lovely in the process  :)
Ohh and Glitter Henna is a beautiful way to add that lil' something to your designs (you have to apply it thinly and evenly other wise it will take forever to dry).


  1. omg wow. thats so amazing. Henna all the tym. I love applying hena but i only ever get 2 apply it on big eid and small eid. The typical asian moments ay. LOL!!

  2. I'm a complete henna dork!

    Love the stuff; but I need to practice more. my designs aren't that great.

  3. P: LOL Yeahh at parties and special occasions I have to work like a machine hehe

    M: Yay! lol It's greats aint it, Practicing is the key believe me I used to be soo rubbish but then I just worked on it till I gradually got better :)

    if anyone wants any designs I'll be happy to make some for you x

  4. Wow pretty designs. Glitter henna seems cool but since when you apply it you will have to take it off each time you need to do wudhu/pray I dont buy it.

  5. wer can i get da gliiter henna?????????