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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


THIS IS ONE OF THE HARDEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE! (LOL I might need to get my priorities straight). Should I get a BlackBerry or an iPhone?


I know BB's have really cool accesories and I haven't seen anyone with a customises iPhone. Also EVERYONE I know has a BB! but My Ipod broke :( So I can't decide UFFFF!!!!! Some help me LOL



  1. LOL one of my old struggles!
    Think of it this way...iPhone is touchscreen and BB isn't... i rly like touchscreen so i went for a version of an iphone..and BB might be a lil bit more bulky but is cool as well!

    Just keep one on the right and the other on left and see where your hand goes first instinctively..and then choose that! :D

  2. i'd choose an iphone. the 1000000000000s of apps are amazing. blackberrys are over-rated and aren't even all that in my opinion. LOL and the keys are too small for my clumsy fingers

  3. Ahh Like I was using my dads iPhone and believe it or not He had a shaving App. were you shave someone LMAO
    But then In My psychology class my friend used her BB to email the teacher her work THAT SAVED HER FROM ALOT OF SH*IT LOL
    But yeah Sharifa the Apps are AMAZE!
    BUT I could have microsoft Word on my BB :\
    T.S.S: I think I might have to to that lol


  4. asalamu alaykum !
    I have a blackberry and absolutely love it. It really depends what you want it for. If you like the apps and games idea then for for the iphone (i have the touch ipod as well and its fab!) and if all your friends have bb (like some of mine did) then bb is awesome because of the bbchat! hehe I really love it.

    For me, bb bold and ipod touch together make me get the best of both worlds LOL

    Enjoy whichever you decide to get... :D

  5. ^ There's one of best friends!!! OM- A ! hahahha Anyways, cute blog!!! masha'a'Allah! Looks like we're following each other, Om A.

    I love my bb! I don't have a Ipod touch! But, like Om A said, it depends on what you like. Om A and I love to message on our bb messenger, all the time. bb is a keeper...

  6. LOL I love it when stuff like that happens
    Thank you <3

    Yeah My mum said she'll get me a BB :) Insh'Allah and then I would like to get an Ipod touch ASAP LOL

    Thanks for All your Advice Guys I appreciated it All

    Mwahhh xxxx