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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


'Bleh' thats I can say right now
I have nothing interesting to post because I've been stuck at home for WEEKS! (doctor's orders) :|
When I can walk again I will get my blog started InshAllah. I will actually do post about it :)

Take care

Radeyah x

< Grrrrr


  1. Luv ya blog sister :) InshAllah u r good

  2. GET WELL SOON!! Look on the bright side though, you can stay all warm and cosy inside whilst everyone else is freezing outside. oh and you get a chance to order everyone else about =P

  3. PM: Thanks Ukthi Hmd I'm much better now :D

    F: Thank you :) LOOL yeahh from my view from the window I can tell its bare gloomy outside lol i guess thats very true xD