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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The 'Natural' look?

Tbh because I have been at home for over 3 weeks, I actually don't have anything interesting to post :(
So today I was buying some Make-up online, When I was reconsidering my "Everday" or "Just popping to the shops" Look. Most days of when I have time this is what I would usually wear for a 'Natural' look.

With the amount of products I use it doesn't look so natural LOL but I guess it depends on the amount  you put on. I usually put on a lil' bit of everything, Like for example If you go over board and excessive you'll end up looking like Image A. The model In image B has minimal make-up but still looks flawless. even though the image is airbrushed it is still easy to see how less can be more. :


  1. stuk at hme 4 3 weeks :( not fun...hpe ur up and about soon :)....
    i def agree its hw much u apply :D the second pic def looks mre classy xXx

  2. Thanks LOL
    I am offically walking now Hmd :D