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Sunday, 21 February 2010

TAG: 7 things about me :)

I got tagged by Ayah Over at "In the Kingdom not a princess" :)
So here it goes 7 things about Me:

1. Im Double jointed LOL both my elbows can to a 360' turn so it looks like my hand spins all the way round; Kinda Freaky :P

2. One of my fears are heights, like used to avid using escalators and have never been on the London eye because it's too high up and scares the sh*t outta me .

3. I've never tried Sushi; it's currently on my "to do list".

4. I used to use fake tan, it was just a phase (One that I'd like to forget)

5. I bloody hate moths with a passion, they scare me even though they won't actually harm me

6. I'm sadly a Facebook Addict and haven't  made a Twitter because I don't wanna fail my studies

7. I like French rap :) don't knock it till you've tried it

I couldn't figure out how to tag people Alors, I TAG EVERYONE!!


  1. Yess sister love the french rap too :)

  2. Yeah, babe. Number 1 is kind a' freaky. Haha. :)

  3. Dude! you should make a video of you doing number.

    I've always wanted to do that, but always ended up hurting myself trying.

  4. PM: Yay! you know the deal have you heard about La Fouine? :)

    N: LOOOL :P

    M: There was a video somewhere but I made my Friend delete it LOL Hmmmm I might make on this summer you know :D

  5. Yeahh i really like Diams too shes a revert to islam recently too :) gotta listen to her song enfants du desert :)