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Sunday, 25 April 2010

inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon

Even though you weren't a believer I guess this still applies; inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon May you rest in peace

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Random questionnaire (Funny if you want to know more about me)

I nicked this of Sharifa :) Random questionnaire (Funny)

Name: Radia
Age: 16
Location: in my house
Background: Pakistan,Jamaica & Syria
Nationality: British/ Brasian
Married/Engaged? The second one :)
Do you want to get married? OFCOURSE I don't intend on becoming a spinster
Kids? yes InshAllah 
Have you been to Hajj or Umrah? not yet
How many masaajid have you been to? more then 10 I Believe 
Who are some of your favorite recitors? Sami Al Dosari 
When did you first start fasting? When I was 8 Alhumdulilah
What's your usual outift like when you go out?  Jeans, long sleeve top, dress/shirt top thingy, a cardigan or Jacket, Hijab and many accessories with dolly shoes/flats.
What do you like about blogging? the randomness of i guess and the nice people you meet.
How do you pin your hijab? i don't use pins, i always loose them that's why. Wallah i've bought like 400 of them and currently do not have one to my name LOL
What's something that annoys you at Jummah: when people start conversations about cous cous and what not during prayer (believe me out of all the things in the world that was the topic of the coversation; between two women one).
What was the last surah you read? (not recited in salah)  Sural Al-Kafirun
Do you brush your teeth for fajr salah? yes
Have you ever been part of an Islamic matrimonial site? I personally didn't but a friend of mine thought it would be funny to make me an account :\ ok when i found out i had to admit it was actually funny lmao
What color is the rug in the masjid you usually attend? some red and cream pattern
Have you ever washed a dead body before? Alhumdulilah No.
What's the weirdest thing that happened to you in salah? when I was on crutches and a a mosque i had to pray in a chair and during Salah, this little girl who looked about 7 came right up to me and started laughing and pointing LOOOOOOOOOOL 
What's something haram that you think most people don't know? Sheesha
What's the craziest hijabi fashion you've seen?  when the camel humps OVER done I saw this girl once who looked like she had a little person under her Hiab, it alot made her almost two feet taller; maybe it was a supplement for high heel, Ya Rab lol
Favourite flower? roses (Typical)
Heels or flats? HEEELS :) 
Do you drink energy drinks? not really no.
Do you drink juice? yes
Most embarrassing moment? when I was on the bus, the mad cap bus driver did some unexpected turn and I dropped backwards only to be caught by some guy :S everyone said how it was like "A seen from a bollywood Movie" all I can say is CRINGE!!!
Do you get mad easy? Nope ust annoyed
Any phobias? height and being alone
Do you bite your nails? Yess :(
Have you ever had a near death experience? Yeah loads, I almost choked to death on a sweet :\ and then I almost got run over by a bus when I was rushing to get away from some unknown man that was calling me :( 
Do you drink coffee? cappuccino?
Where is your cell phone? in my hand I'm bb messaging Ameeera :)
What room are you in? Mine
Where did you grow up? LONDON!!!!
Your friends? extraordinary, I lost some and gained more so and right now with everything that going on I know who true one are <3
Missing someone? Yes *Sigh*
Your mood? STRESSSEDDD and in french mode.

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Just a thought, but do you ever feel like the woman below  in the picture?

Like at times you can have a lot going on and yet have to find a way to balance it all out LOL. I must say it is also a funny pic, I like it. :)


It has been a while hasn't it? Sorry guys I've just had SOOOO much stuff to organize and practically shifted my life in a whole new direction that I am now Alhumdulilah happy with.
So yeah, I will inshAllah get back to posting :) I have actulally missed you guy and I hope you are all well <3
Luckily unlike myself my kitten just gets to laze around all day, every day of the week!! (Which is what I occasionally do on sundays)