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Sunday, 4 April 2010


Just a thought, but do you ever feel like the woman below  in the picture?

Like at times you can have a lot going on and yet have to find a way to balance it all out LOL. I must say it is also a funny pic, I like it. :)


  1. Salaam!
    I think ur blog is cute :)
    This picture is hilarious...I feel like that woman right now. Have too many things to do and to focus on that I think I'm going insane! One thing I think is funny about the picture is that even though the poor woman is doing chores and looks all worried she still looks glamorous and pretty! hehehe

  2. Salaam :) Awwww thank you <3

    I like yours too I'm desified because my mums from pakistan and since she's from Lahore I'm a bit punjabified aswell LOL

    It is isn't it, awwwww; I can relate trust me at times you just don't know where you stand. just take it easy and as each day comes, that way things will get resolved in due course.
    OMG I noticed that too, I wish we could all look like that when we do chores LOL x

  3. I feel like that, these days. :|