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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

*Let's talk Politics* Eurghhh & The Depiction of Prophet Mohammed SAW

Big Whoop the  UK has a new Prime Minister called David Fakin' Cameron  (Conservative partly leader). Since the May 6 Th. election relsults we were stuck with a hung parliment For a number of days and yesterday evening Gordon Brown resigned; just when it was time for Eastenders to come gosh. So 5 minutes as prime minister and David Cameron has already pissed off the entire country the by delaying Eastenders , Well Done David :|.

Now I'm sure most of you are familiar with the depiction of Prophet Mohammed SAW in the Adult Cartoon South park. Not long ago I attended a BBC radio 1 Political debate show called "Any Questions?", at this debate was Jack Straw representing Labour, Sir Menzies Campbell representing the Liberal Democrats, Justine Roberts Founders on MumsNet and Some woman (who's  name I just cannot recall :/ lol) representing Conservatives. The bottom line is when the Politicians were asked by a member of the audience what they thought about the issue about the outrageous depiction and the threats from Islamic extremists; the Lib Dem Rep said that the cartoonists had a right the express their opinions etc. and on the matter stressed the importance of freedom of expression and said that there was nothing wrong with what they had done............ "OMFG, Ya ALLAH!!!!!!!!" <<< That was my reaction, I was furious!!!! How the fuck can he say that an act  wIth a sole purpose of causing unrest and controversy and that will anger MILLIONS of  people around the world was "right"?????.
 I was so mad; I had to tell him and I did. I was appalled by his  response, when I told Sir Campbell How offended I was by his answer and how I didn't agree with it he started saying "well christians in some countries (i.e muslim ones) aren't allowed to practice now their religion blah blah blah" I replied " of course that is wrong and unjust and I do not agree with that BUT I do not want extremist representing my religion  and giving it a bad name; I also condemn any action and cause that will allow them do to so, so therefor what they the creators of south park did was wrong because they knew very well was reaction they'd get..." He stubbornly refused to see eye to eye with me so good luck to him :@ ..... Grrrrrrr How can they blatantly disrespect muslims like that?


  1. woooo go Radia! argh what an idiot :| Its funny because Lib Dems had the most Muslim supporters they've ever had this election because they are anti-Israel.. but then a Lib Dem MP saying something like that :\

  2. Exactly I spent alot of my time trying to convince muslims not to vote for them :P ; it actually shocked me when I heard especially because of the amount of muslims supporters they have. Wow all I can say is that fb group was so true " The last guy to enter parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes...." lol