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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Sorry I haven't been blogging lately guys, I have 2 more exams to go and then I'll be free inshAllah!!! I hope your All well :)

Here are some picture I took of a revision sessions in Hyde park and another park in North London. ( The library made us feel claustrophobic; In the picture below is one of my favourite

scarfs *sigh* :) 


  1. i love that scarf!! its hot!


  2. I miss Hyde Park! :( Must be really nice over there now. Spring/summer. And all the things that they sell at H&M! Argh! Sooooo jealous of u.

  3. asaalam alaikum sister,

    i was looking through you blog, masha'allah! and i was reading one of your earlier post which mentioned your black satin abaya. i love this look and have been trying for months to find where i can buy one for myself. problem is im 5ft 8" and need my abaya to be long enough for my height. Im a recent revert to Islam so im quite new to this. Can you help???

  4. N: Awwww despite the recent rain it has been but i have to say it's been extremely crowded lol, Yeah I love H&M hehe thats where my scarf in the pic is from! !

    A:Thanks :)

    Anon: Walaikum Asalaam ukhti, Thank you! Well first of all I know where you coming from, I'm medium height yet this still is a problem for me too :(, If you want an Abayah that concords with your height the best solution is to buy the material and find a shop to tailor make it for you; this is a popular trade of many housewife lol ( if you can find anywhere let me know and i will find someone :] ) another solution is the whitechapel area of east london, the market has loads od abayah stalls and shops. I purchased a pretty long abayah from one stall and it was only 15 quid; If your on facebook feel free to add me, the name's: Radeyah Saud
    If you need anything else just feel free to ask :)

  5. London looking so beautiful during exam season lol oh i miss it, good Luck Inshallah and Thanks for coming by my blog :)

  6. loool why do u hav a chemistry textbook, after u dont even do chemistry! ;)

  7. Lool well genius you should know that it's not me in the pic sillyand YOU should most definantly be able to tell:P

  8. hehe 80 % of the blogs I go to I see naz "Hijabies on a ranting tour" lol strange or what. Though I'd like to say that we must have great blog tatse :P

    HI there sis :) I have a habit of going through half of their past blogs and wow masha'allah must I say that's a really cool mix you got there though I've seen the Jamaican/Syrian thing before but never the less makes me jealous (in a good way) wish I was mixed :( ... great blog tho

  9. N: it most definantly has been, JazakhAllah and your welcome :)

    P: LOL small world ayy :P

    Hello there :) Why thank you, lol I could spend hours on blogger if i had the time! what race are you btw ? xx

  10. loool how did u kno it was me? do you know me that well!?

  11. lol i'm from east africa somalia to be specific but I am sure you've seen millions of em :P

  12. anon: Obviously i can tell by the way you write:D ,Yes I know you that well! and plus being the greatest person you will ever find; i have abilities like that :P <3

    P: Ohhh i have quite a few somali friends and my local mosque has a large Somali/yemeni community, alot of the people i know are from xamar :D

  13. LOVE your scarf sister, mashallah :)