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Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I have currently had enough of Facebook or as I like to call it "Fasadbook". My Profile became a religious debate hub :| like COME ON it's a social networking site! I swear there are forums available online for that kind of stuff....... Yeah I admit I posted a few hadiths hear and there, maybe a couple of quotes from the qu'ran BUT it's my profile; Doing that is much more Halal then posting song lyrics :D. And as for those random friend requesters....HOW THE HELL DID YOU FIND ME?

On a more important note.........................................RAMDHAN IS 7 DAYS AWAY SUB7ANALLAH!!!!!!
So much to do and prepare :) Whoooop I love it 

Here's Two random pics I took:

                                              Pink Roses are my Fav Flowers :)
                                               BB <3 (well my cousins one)


  1. HOT cell case!!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE facebook by the way!

    ramadan i knowwww♥


  2. Woowww I love the crystallizing on your phone! Did you do that?? if so.. mashallah girl