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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Jelebi/Zlabiya/Mshabak : How it's made

I did a post a while back about this asian/arab sweet :) At an open asian cultural event I was able to see it being freshly made so I took a pic for you guys!! Tasting this when it was hot, crispy and fresh was just heaven :p 

The guy made the batter and then squeezed it out into the hot oil in those swirly shapes, He then let it cook for a while turning it over occasionally, when they were done he added it to the pot of hot syrup where they soaked there for a while, he then drained them and placed it into that big orange pile of Jelebi/Zlabiya/Mshabak :D Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  1. OMG i LOOOOVE zlabiya! We have a version in algeria which is thicker and longer, we call it zlabiya bouferike, OM NOM NOM...NOM NOM..OM NOM. Ramadan mubarak lovely :D xXx