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Sunday, 24 October 2010

My AnsWer To Your QUESTion.....


Not long ago I recieved an Email me asking what sect of Islam I belong to, just incase any one else was wondering I thought I'd let everyone know via blogger :) 

I have no sect, I'm just muslim. I follow the Quran and sunnah and have a deep understanding of most of the sects in islam (Sunni, Shi3a, Salafi, Wahabi, Ibaadi etc.) I prefer to avoid the fitna and class my self as simply a muslimah, My lifes easier that way......However my family is sunni and I was raised as one and I guess I act like one but do not like to be called one as in the time of our Nabi SAW there were no sects. D'accord? :D



  1. D'accord! I'm pretty much the same thing myself.. I don't like to classify myself as this or that but sometimes I *have* to when its needed. And i also find it rude when I'm asked what sect i belong to.. but well, i guess its okay :)

  2. I've never been asked what sect I belong to, it feels disgusting actually having to group Islam :/ Like you know it should be the one thing we should be able to SHARE. Although I follow the Quran, and Sunnah which makes me a Sunni. I consider myself a 3 pillar girl :P Salat Sawm and Shahada :) :P