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Sunday, 7 November 2010


After being inspired by the rapper M.I.A (who i mentioned in my previous post) , i'm going to conduct a social experiment on wearing the niqab london inshAllah....It would be interesting to see peoples reactions and to see how i feel as a person; whether i feel invisible or at center stage....I'm well tired i'll update this post later lol mwahh xoxo


  1. Do you mean abaya, jalbab, niqab? Or skirt shirt niqab? LOL Obviously you'll get stared at! Don't be surprised if some of them are from Muslim sisters. LOL personally, when I stare at niqabi's it's because I am well idk how to explain it its sort of like "OMG! A Muslim! OMG! a Niqabi!" like excitment takes over me, oh expect some salams i don't know I tend to go out of my way to say my salams :)

    Have fun, tell us how it goes :) You have your first supporter here

  2. oohhh, I always wanted to do that! The niqabis are so brave Manshalla but you never know what if their intentions are right or not still, brave Manshallah! But one thing is for sure, PEOPLE WILL STARE! muaha, be prepared :P

    You have your second supporter here ;)

  3. @PI
    I was thing 3baya, gloves and a niqab with sunnah kohl :D i'm used to being stared at but i know these are gonna be weird stares alhumdulilah i have to lower my gaze ahahah

    I do that same!!!!

    I definatly will hunni, awwww thank you!! <3

    yeahh MashAllah although it isn't fard they still choose to take on the extra jihad and i admire that
    I'm mentally preparing inshAllah

    yayyyy thank you!!

    you two are sooo lovelyyy

  4. I wore niqab for the first time in my life and insha allah i will continue wearing it.Yeah , got a lot of stare and there was a woman stare at me as if she s going to EAT me ( as my friend said).
    but i find peace like i never feel before,alhamdulillah n good luck sis Radiah