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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tottenham Riots: The morning after

Yesterday 8/8/2011 London, the UK and eventually an audience around the world witnessed  the "Tottenham Riots".

  I'll just describe the event that started all of this briefly in this paragraph. On Thursday evening there were first rumours circulationg saying that a man had been shot by police in north london which were later confirmed by news reports. 
The story goes like this according to the media "A man was shot by police officers after APPARENTLY shooting at them" This Man was 29 year old Mark Duggan, a father of four. He was reported as being the passenger of a mini cab, and in a task carried out by Operation trident (The Metropolitan police's unit for dealing with Black on Black gun crime) he was under their surveillance and the unit moved in on him and stopped the car. It's not clear what happened during these moments but it's just known that it resulted in shots being fired and the unfortunate death of Mr Duggan.

This has left the community out raged and it's been said that Mr Duggan wasn't known for this kind of behaviour and for people to go out in the streets angry protesting, then eventually rioting shows that they must know what they're on about right? It is beleived that the protest turned in to a riot when a 16 year old girl was pushed to the ground by police officers outside the Tottenham police station, which resulted in clashes that turend in the riots. 
The Police haven't actually said if it was Mr Duggan who shot at them or who a shot the officer, which more or less means he didn't.
since the killing of Smiley Culture ( read about it here) anyone who thinks for themselves would think twice when it comes to believing what the police say when it comes to this sort of killing.

Now Back to the riots, what is reported as 200 (could be more) people took to the streets to protest outside the police station on Saturday evening, as time passed the numbers grew now it isn't known exactly what time things escalated but this picture speaks for it's self.

it's sad how this community was pushed to a breaking point which erupted in destruction of the area. it's pretty clear that people are angry. And through out most of it I was tweeting  about it keeping updated my followers on twitter updated. and I  just want to stress the fact that the reason why there is so much tension between the youth and the authorities. Well firstly in the media the youth are always used as scapegoats or portrayed badly based on out-dated stereotypes. In areas like Tottenham the police do target youths based on stereotypes on appearance.

Protests usually turn violent because Violence seems to be the only thing the police understand at times. Now this riot mirrors the broadwater farm riots (1985) in the sense that at the hands of  the Metropolitan police there was a death within the black community and coincidently the latest riots occurred in the same area. Does this show that since 1985 little has changed between the black community and the Metropolitan Police? Is racism still rife within in the institution?

All these events are unfortunate and it's sad to see a poor area in a state of anarchy and local businesses set ablaze and destroyed. Some people had to be evacuated from their homes as it wasn't safe even though given the tension at the time the streets weren't even safe.

This was being dubbed as "Tottenham independence day". I believe that there must of been an arsonist amid the riots as at one point anything to everything was being set alight. I must note that there were rioters and there were looters.Many opportunists smashed shop fronts and looted all the available goods. some of these shops were set alight even.

Riots spread out to other areas of north London most notably Wood Green N22, where high street stores were smashed and looted people were seen with suitcases filled with goods. They took advantage of the lack of police presence as they were all situated in the Tottenham area.

I took this photo of police vans being loaded with riot gear, on their way to the Tottenham area. At one point I witnessed around what must of been near 20 vans on their way to the riots. 

It's a shame that a multi cultural area that is usually bustling and lively was wrecked. At one point it seemed like anything to everything is being set on fire (shops, bus stations, vehicles). will there be more riots like this in the future? What change will this bring whether it will be good or bad?

I fell asleep around 4am hearing police sirens and the sound of  helicopters. When I work up around ate I could still hear the helicopter flying around.

As a Londoner I'm deeply saddened that this had to happen. I mean surely if relations had improved since the Broadwater farm riots then tensions may not of been high. As a youth I'm upset that this is how my generation has to act when they need to get a point across. As a person of colour I hope that meaningless stereotypes will stop being used by institutions that police the state.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

21st Century woman

Today when you look at your average women's fashion/beauty magazine you usually see the 21st century's idea of the "Ideal" woman. Now this perception is what tends to dominate worldwide through mediums such as the media and this is what the general public tend to base their opinion on. Now more commonly these looks are achieved through photo air brushing and/or cosmetic surgery which means that if these looks are obtained artificially then should we really use them when it comes to thinking of what is beautiful and what isn't?

The Dictionary definition for the word beauty is as follows:

n. pl. beau·ties
1. The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.

2. One that is beautiful, especially a beautiful woman.

3. A quality or feature that is most effective, gratifying, or telling: The beauty of the venture is that we stand to lose nothing.
4. An outstanding or conspicuous example:"

So as it seems, Beauty is defined solely either by apprearance or by the opinions of others. So does it really matter whether it's natural or not? well of course as the first definition includes the words "truthfulness, and originality" which would indicate natural beauty.I may sound harsh but sometimes natural beauty isn't all that great to look at but I guess the term "Ugly truth" may have stemmed from there...

I wish we were still surrounded by the natural beauty of the likes of Sophia Loren, Rita Hayworth, Joshephine Baker and Ava Gardner. It doesn't do much to boost your confidence when your constantly surrounded by a uniform image of perfection. 

To sum it all up. women are constantly under pressure to perfect them selves to tailor to the images that are flaunted everywhere. And these images won't always necessarily depict your average woman. Doesn't sound fair does it?

Monday, 25 July 2011


I deleted a few posts simply because I really just want to start again, as a person I can honestly say I've changed so much!


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Allo Allo

I'm back.

I must say it's been a very long while. I figured I just needed a break and had some decisions to make in my life. Honestly so much has happened to me I don't know where to begin, mostly bad unfortunately but hey! I'm still here :)

I'm going to re-vamp this blog  and then fill you all in on what's new ect.

Ahhhhh I've missed blogging! Hope you're all good